Flea Season Is Coming: Here Are 5 Things To Know Before They Arrive

It can be very daunting and costly to rid your home of fleas. Fleas control is very important as fleas bite dogs, cats, and people too. The flea bites may cause irritation and bacterial infection. If you ignore the early sign of infection then it may spiral out of control. So, it’s important to reduce the flea problems quickly and reduce the risk. Fleas hide in the grass to stay warm and alive. The fleas risk can range for the entire year depending on where you live. Fleas can transmit several diseases so it’s important to protect your pet from any fleas with flea control methods. 

Flea Control Services

Here Are The Important Things To Know Before Fleas Arrive:

  • Preventive Treatment

No matter what the season is, follow the different ways to keep the bug away and safe. You can choose the topical treatment, oral medications, sprays, and shampoos with the help of your veterinarian. It’s important to understand the importance of the method you choose and the duration of protection provided by each option. This will also offer you peace of mind. So, before you follow any method consult your vet for the best recommendation.

  • Protect Your Home

Fleas can make their residence inside your home by attaching to your pet or clothes. So with regular cleaning, you can easily protect your pet and family members. Make sure you regularly wash pets’ bedding and also use a vacuum. Before fleas season comes it’s important to treat your carpet. So with a pest removal method, you can lose any fleas and ticks that came to control the fleas that enter your home. 

  • Keep A Tidy Lawn

Fleas hide in tall grass so keep your grass short if you want to protect your pet. Make sure that pet owners keep their yard safe and clean and use leaf litter, brush and wood to fight against vector-borne illness. Check all the hidden places where fleas can hide.

  • Check Your Pet Regularly

One of the most important things is safety. Check your pets because fleas can be found around the pet’s collar. Scratching, hair loss and fur licking are the common symptoms of fleas. So if you notice any unusual behavior in your pet then seek treatment as soon as possible. 

  • Treatment Of Premises

If people around your home and pets are suffering from irritation then it’s important to eliminate the fleas from your house. A proper pest inspection is necessary and before pet treatment, you need to follow:

  • Check all floors, under beds, and closets, and remove toys and clothing among them so that you can easily access all the areas. 
  • Cover the fish tanks and remove the pet food and water dishes.
  • Regularly use a vacuum to remove eggs, larvae, and pupae which develop in your home. A vacuum also helps to remove the dust particles around your house. 


If you want to prevent fleas around your house then flea medications are important. Hire a professional pest control company to control the fleas in your house.